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About Us

As an avid gym-goer with a keen sense of fashion, I have always had trouble fitting into clothes correctly. Sometimes clothes would fit too tight in the wrong areas, other times it would be too loose in the wrong areas… I knew this was a problem I did not face alone.

Since I could not properly fit into the clothing I always wanted to wear, I always resorted to streetwear for comfort. However, I noticed that my style was not as trendy or up to fashion standards when compared to others who wore similar pieces.

The difference was that their clothes were more expensive and from bigger brands – something I could not afford. For this reason, I finally said enough is enough and created my own clothing brand.

SAINT AVE is a haven for various body types as it is accepting of all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves on being a high-quality streetwear brand that is also affordable.


Here at SAINT AVE, we deeply value loyalty and always want to provide what is best for our SAINT AVE family. Our vision is to walk down the street and see people wearing the high-quality pieces we have tailored just for them. Our mission is to provide fashionable streetwear pieces that break the barriers of standard fitting for our consumers.

Thank you to those who purchase and represent our brand each and every day.